Arcade games 


HIDDEN MESSAGEOn levels where a city is on the horizon (and even on the title screen), you can find initials on some of the buildings.  {Kristine Roper}.  Some of them are: 1st level MSP, LOP (?), and KM (picture #1); 7th level BJS, RW (for Robert Weatherby?), and bf (picture #2).

The initials for some/all of the programming team are on the high score table (at power up picture #3):

RWW Robert Weatherby (lead programmer?)
EAR Ed Rotberg
LLB - ?
REM - ?
LVR - ?

If you finished all 50 levels, you were given a secret code which could be used to get a free Roadblasters T-shirt (picture #4).


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