Arcade games 


· Slide box trick – By drawing 2 boxes that intersect at the corners (picture #1) you can cross over from one side of your structure to the other, as well as slip past any approaching Sparx.

· Sparx loop trap - At the start, go to the top of the screen (you’ll have to draw a box to get around a Sparx).  Make a box of equal size off center at the top (if you came up the right side, make it on the left; if you came up the left, make it on the right).  This will adjust the timing of the Sparx so that both meet up at the same time. Now start drawing the trap (picture #2).  Draw the first one in the middle of the top border (from left-to-right) so that any additional Sparx will first appear inside it).  Next, draw the 2nd “cap” box, starting and ending on the sides of the box you just made (from right-to-left).  By now the Sparx should be there.  Finally, start drawing the “cover” box (from left-to-right) as they approach and finish as they meet up in the center of the cap piece, and then immediately move down to the bottom of the cover box and wait for a few seconds.  Either 1 or both Sparx should now be trapped inside the cover box (if one slips the trap, chances are it’ll be the one moving clock-wise).  Any Sparx added to the playfield will enter the trap (note that if any appear when you are on or near the top border, they won’t be trapped so keep an eye on the red Sparx timer).  You can draw another trap to contain any Sparx you missed the first time (either on top of, or next to the first one) but you can’t trap them once they turn blue!  Variations of this trap may exist; however, the methods described and shown in the November 1983 issue of Joystik magazine (picture #3) don’t appear to be valid.



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