Arcade games 


· HIDDEN MESSAGE: If you look at the unencrypted ROMs, you’ll find DIRECTED BY NOBUO KODERA  PROGRAMMED BY AKIRA NAKAKUMA  DESIGNED BY SHINJI EGE  CORELAND TECHNOLOGY INC 1982:9:1”, “1982:9:1 JAPAN” repeated 48 times, and “::NOBUO KODERA  ::TSUTOMU IWANE  ::AKIRA NAKAKUMA  ::SHINJI EGI” repeated 64 times. {Dave Widel}

· “Invincible” strategy - Line up the 3 diamond blocks one space from a wall, then hide behind it

· The final version of the game used as its theme music and took a few moments to draw the maze at the beginning of each level. An earlier version of the game drew the maze instantly and used its own distinctive theme music.

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