Arcade games 


· BUG: At the end of each day is a training course.  If you crossed the finish line at the far right edge, between the path and the fence, and keep going, you will drive into a new course (basically garbage data) and your score will quickly increase. If you finish the course a 2nd time, your score will be counted up as normal, but when the next day started, you’ll get 1,079,000,000 (one billion, 79 million) added to your score. On the top-10 high scores screen, your score will be so long that it will run over into the 1-10 place markers!  This bug was first mentioned (but not described) in the Feb 1988 issue of Computers and Video Games magazine. This may have been fixed in later versions. 

· BUG: When playing Hard Street you can do the “grandstand” trick - when you pass the Grandstand, simply go to the extreme left and crash into the curb. Most of the time you’ll get a breakage bonus of 60k+.  If your “damage” bonus is 100 points, you’ll always get the points on Monday.  If this trick doesn’t work, use the “lawnmower” trick below. If this trick is done on Middle Street, the game will crash. 

· BUG: When playing Easy Street, lose the first customer/house by breaking his windows or not delivering a paper. On either Tuesday or Wednesday, a lawnmower will come to attack you from the first house. Let it hit you in the middle of your bicycle. If you have timed it right, you’ll lose your game but end up with a huge score (1 billion, 79 million…) and the houses will all be wild colors. Note that this trick works when the game is set to Hard Street, and the “grandstand” trick is not possible.

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