Arcade games 


· A prototype version exists (pictures #1-# 4) with some slight differences (sound, graphics, gameplay) from the released version. There are no Alpha Monsters (those Pac-Man monster-type characters that come down when you grab the center treat), and the Extra Credit monster can be killed with an apple.  Also, although it doesn’t say Universal on the title screen, it does appear when you credit it up, and when you earn a free game.

· 255 lives - If an apple appears in the top two rows, dig a tunnel underneath it, from the bottom up.  Leave just enough dirt under it so it doesn’t fall.  Then kill all the enemies except 1, and then lose all your extra lives.  Wait under the apple until the last enemy closes in.  Drop the apple, and kill the enemy before you’re squashed.  The music will go haywire for a moment, and then you’ll be awarded 255 lives.  Note- make sure you lose a life before spelling ‘EXTRA’ with 255 lives, or you’ll end up with 0!

· Free game – If you uncover a hidden diamond, you earn a free game (this feature is in all the Mr. Do games). As it turns out, it’s possible to trigger the appearance of these! With the game’s dip switch setting for “special” set to easy, do the following:

1. Power cycle the game.
2. Allow the demo to run through 11 times.
3. On the 12th game demo, insert a quarter at the moment that Mr. Do! eats the center prize.
4. Start a game.
5. Loosen the first apple on the bottom right side.

If everything is done correctly, there will be a diamond when it drops, every time.  {Don Hodges}

· If you drop an apple on yourself at the same time the last enemy is killed, you won’t lose a life.  {John Hardie}

· Partially eating all four sides of a cherry will turn it into a rose (picture #5).

· After clearing every 10th scene, you’ll get a “Wonderful” message (picture #6), after which the layouts will repeat.

· On rare occasions, you may get 2 diamonds per screen, although only 1 will give you a free life.

· BUG: It’s a rare bug, but if you drop 2 apples to the bottom of the screen, killing an enemy with the first, the second one may push him through the bottom and he’ll reappear at the top of the screen!  {Scott Stilphen}

· RUMOR: An alpha monster may get stuck trying to eat a falling apple and instead end up circling around it.

· RUMOR: The alpha monsters may get stuck in the letter box, leaving you to clear the screen unopposed.


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