Arcade games 


· Contains 5 secret characters, and secret death/friendship/babality moves

· On the fourth stage, "The Pit", look at the moon. If there are shadows flying in front of the moon you can fight Reptile. When the shadows are in front of the moon, you must get a double-flawless victory (two perfects) and do the Fatality without ever hitting block. If you beat Reptile, you will be awarded 10 million points! Note: Reptile only appears in versions 3.0 and 4.0 and can only be fought when playing as either Sonya or Scorpion in version 4.0. His name shows as "Scorpion" but he wears green and can do both Scorpion's spear special move or Sub-Zero's freeze move. He is also extremely difficult to beat.

· At the portal when upper-cutting an opponent, watch for Dan Forden to pop his head out and say "Toasty". If he does, hold DOWN on the joystick and press START to travel to Goro's Lair and fight Smoke.

· To fight Jade, use only the Low Kick button on all matches before the "?" square.

· To fight Noob Saibot, win fifty times in a row!

· A software upgrade exists that was sold to operators after Mortal Kombat II was released. Known as the Immortal Kombat upgrade, this simple EEPROM swap switches the order that opponents are fought (fighting the bosses and sometimes the secret characters first rather than later) and makes the game's software adjustable difficulty settings non-existent (as the only setting now is hard). It also gives you unlimited Fatality time and allows you to play the hidden Pong game much more frequently during two-player fights.

· BUG: The first version wasn’t ready for release.  Many features were missing, and some characters were either too easy or too hard.  · BUG: When "babalities" were first added, there was a bug with the Kitana character’s use of it that allowed you to levitate and punch your baby opponent until it disappeared in a splatter of blood!

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