Arcade games 


· 6 versions exist. 

· A prototype version also exists.

· Game Audit screen – not all versions tracked the same information on the audit screen .  The prototype version (picture #1) doesn’t track Shang Tsung or Reptile.  Versions 1 and 2 (picture #2) doesn’t track Reptile.  Versions 3 and 4 (picture #3) track everything.  Version 5 (picture #4) doesn’t track ERMACs.

· Hidden character(s) – Players learned there was a hidden character , Reptile, when owners noticed some versions kept stats for it.  It was also believed that another character, “Ermac”, also existed.  Ermac was actually an abbreviation for "ERror in the MAChine"), which resulted when a character (usually a ninja) appeared with the wrong colors. The rumored Ermac character became so popular that one was created for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

· Contains secret death moves


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