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To play as Evil/Shin Sakura: After inserting your credits, hold START, select The Hulk, and hold LEFT. After 5 seconds, press JAB+FIERCE PUNCH. She is basically an Akuma-esque version of normal Sakura. Her moves are:

Hadou-Ken: QCF+P (air)
Shouou-Ken: Z-Way forward+P (air)
Shunpuu-Kyaku : QCB+K (air)
Teleport: Z-Way forward+PPP/KKK
Shinkuu Hadou-Ken: QCF+PP (like Ryu's Super Fireball)
Haru-Ichiban: QCB+KK
Midare Zakura: QCF+KK
Shun-Goku-Satsu: Jab, Jab, F, Short, Fierce (level 3 only, unblockable)

To play as Dark Charlie: Hold START, select Dhalsim, and hold LEFT. After 5 seconds, press JAB+FIERCE PUNCH. He's a much darker version of regular Charlie from the Street Fighter Alpha/Street Fighter Zero series. Moves: (in addition to Charlie's normal moves):

Sonic Boom: U, UF, F+K (air only)
Shadow Break: QCF+PP
Shadow Justice: QCB+KK
Cross Shadow Blitz: QCF+KK
Final Mission charge: B, F, B, F+PP (level three only)

To play as Iron Zangief: Hold START, select Blackheart, and hold LEFT.  After 5 seconds, press JAB+FIERCE PUNCH. He is a weird looking palette swap of normal Zangief and he cannot block. He also makes the background shakes while he walks. Moves:

Vokda Flame: HCF+P
Spinning Clothesline: 3P
Turbo Spinning Clothesline: 3K
Ariel Rave: Z-Way forward+K
Run And Grab: HCF+K (far)
Siberian Suplex: HCF+K (close)
Screw Piledriver: 360+P (air)
Final Atomic Buster: 360+PP
Siberian Blizzard 360+KK

To play as Mephisto: Hold START, select Omega Red, and hold DOWN. After 5 seconds, press JAB+FIERCE PUNCH. He is basically a palette swap of Blackheart. Moves:

Dark Lightning: QCF+P
Dark Inferno: HCB+P
Judgment Day: QCB+PP (air)
Armageddon: QCF+PP
Heart of Darkness: QCF+KK

To play as U.S. Agent: Hold START, select M. Bison, and hold UP. After 5 seconds, press JAB+FIERCE PUNCH. He is a Palette swap of Captain America, as he has all the same moves.

To play as Silver Spider-Man: Hold START, select Spider-Man, and hold DOWN. A silver version of Spider-Man appears. Moves:

Web Ball: QCF+P (air)
Spider Sting: Z-Way forward+P, P
Web Swing: QCB+K (air)
Web Throw: HCB+P
Maximum Spider: QCF+PP (air)
Crawler Assault: QCF+KK

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