Arcade games 


When either player 1 or 2 beats the high score, both the player 1 score and the high score will match until either player reaches 999,990. At that point, the high score will freeze at 999,990 and the player 1 will go back to 0. The only way to verify a score greater than 1 million is to note that the high score at the top of the screen does not match the high score recorded in the registry of top players. Add the player 1 score to high score at the top of the screen to get total score (unless you have a score over 2 million).

Each level begins with four formations entering. If you destroy enough of these, a fifth formation will enter.

When formations enter from the edge of the screen, they will not hit you if you are right where they enter. You can use this to your advantage to take out the formation with little or no trouble - just watch out for asteroids. Asteroids will always appear in your path - they cannot be destroyed so you must get out of the way.

Although the asteroids cannot be destroyed, you earn 100 points each time you shoot one!  {Todd Rogers}

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