Arcade games 


· Frog character - Shoot (you have to duck down) a tombstone 15 times.  A winged creature will appear and fire a bolt at you (picture #1), changing you into a frog (picture #2).  If you can shoot the creature before it disappears, it’s worth 2k points. You will automatically change back after a few seconds.  You can also avoid being hit by the bolt if you jump over it from atop a tombstone.

· Unlimited (?) time - Using the above trick, if you fire your 15th bolt with time about to run out (0:02), you’ll immediately turn into a frog (instead of dying), and the time counter will wrap to “negative” time (picture #3).

· If you hit a dragon on the head in a specific spot, you can kill him instantly.

· In the cave on level 3, go to the upper level and move your character to the right of the rock, just to the left of the second ladder (picture #4). Move left and right, shooting rapidly. A Zombie will keep appearing and you can score 100,000 points before time runs out, but you will also get two extra lives in the process.

· RUMOR: Is there a safe spot to stand in when fighting the 5th boss?


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