Arcade games 


The prototype of the game, and possibly the released version as well, had at least two secret characters that could be selected by pressing a specific combination of buttons during the game start and/or character selection screen. One character was a white punching bag that could hop around and bend over to attack, but do not much else. Most hilarious was the other secret character unofficially called "Old Ryu". This was a very old man wearing a martial arts outfit. It was a spoof of Ryu from Street Fighter II - The World Warrior.

Convert Timer/Score Display: At the start of a new game, press and hold the Start button before the round begins to change the score and time displays on the screen. Do the same to change back.

Ending Speech Select (two-player mode only): To choose the ending speech in a VS match, hold either A, B, or C buttons at the after winning the second round. A is for small, humble speech, B for regular, and C for forceful and cheer. If no button is pressed, B will play automatically.

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