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The game was originally going to be titled Highway Crossing Frog, but the executives at Sega felt it did not capture the true nature of the game and was changed simply to Frogger.

Itís possible to jump down and hop around in the reserve lives/timer area.  {Kristine Roper}

You can usually jump so that you are hanging off of the left side of a turtle, but not on the right side.

You can control the frog in the attract mode once it reaches the very top log.

If you play this game on a PC emulator (such as MAME) and use a code for unlimited time, you will hear the entire background song to its finish. This was never possible on the actual arcade game since you always ran out of time before the song finished playing.

There is a kill screen of sorts.  A level will appear where the top-most row barely moves.  This situation can only happen in Round 5 - the most difficult board. The board usually doesn't start like that but transitions to that setup.  It's not random but very predictable; it's the transition itself that is completely random. The first time you'll see the pattern is somewhere between 40K - 120K, depending on your skill level. You need to have put the 1st frog in the leftmost home. If the board transitions and you haven't done that you will have problems.  You may escape, but will lose 2-4 frogs if you're lucky to have that many left.

BUG: Sometimes the lady frog is invisible (normally purple) until you accidentally jump on it. Then she appears white with red legs on the frog's back. You still get 200 points.

BUG: From the middle section between the river and the road, jump upwards to a pad and jump back so where you have been moved to the left just a few pixels. You should be able to go off-screen to the right. (If not, repeat.) For more fun, jump upwards to where a pad should be. You will make it, but you will die.

BUG: Part of the background music will cut-out from time to time, only leaving the primary melody playing.

BUG: The game is not always even-handed with the rules, and frogs are occasionally killed on perfectly valid jumps.

BUG: When timed just right, if you jump into a home base that has an alligator and the alligator disappears mid-jump, your frog will die but will also make it home safely!

BUG: Moving left and right on the very top log can sometimes be very slow, and is more likely to occur after previously eating a fly.

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