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You may hold a player by its shirt and then kick him with another player.

Super shot only happens in the last 30 seconds if you are losing by 1 goal or tied, and only the team member you choose to play with kicks it.

BUG: If a team kicks the ball towards the goal and itís about to score, and the defending team makes a penalty by fouling someone in the big box, the crowd will shout goal (even though the goal is invalid), the penalty is kicked wrong, and the area may be invaded. 

BUG: If a team kicks the ball towards the goal and itís about to score, and the defending team makes a penalty by fouling someone in the big box, but the goalkeeper catches the ball, the defending team goalkeeper may goal kick and the game continues (even during the period of time a player is sent off, if any - be sure not to score any goals during this or the game will lock up). The penalty kick will suddenly be kicked with or without the ball with same defects as described above.

BUG: Same as above, but instead of scoring the ball hits the post, then all the mentioned effects happen regardless of the foul being a penalty or a free kick.

BUG: If one player makes a foul when the other holds the low kick button and thus playing with the ball on his own, then the player keeps playing with the ball as long as the button is press.  The referee will call a free kick, after which play resumes but the ball goes back to the player with the low kick button pressed.

BUG: Itís possible to kick the ball by the side of the goal.  If you do, it will go far away and it will never come back (and none of the players will be able to reach it). Youíll keep control of your player. Time will ďstopĒ and the game will stay in this state (useful for kicking the hell out of the other team).

BUG: Itís possible to kick the ball low in such a way (from a certain place) that the goal keeper will let it go by, even if the goal keeper is in front of it.

BUG: If a player is sent out and the ball goes off bounds for a throw-in, the referee will show the yellow flag to the player to be sent out after showing him the red card.

BUG: Sometimes the goalkeeper locks up and doesn't move.

BUG: Free kicks close to the corner flags are sometimes kicked right at the photographers

BUG: When the ball is about to go out of bounds, if you jump to kick a player that turns out to be the one that would have to take care of the throw-in, then the throw-in happens in the middle of the field. The same things happen with corner kicks - the corner kick is kicked in the wrong area.

BUG: If a team scores a penalty, then the coach will react as if a goal was scored against him. Accordingly, if then the other team scores, he will approve as if his team had scored.

BUG: The flier for the game incorrectly states that your energy will go down if you make a foul and the referee sees you.

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