Arcade games 


· HIDDEN MESSAGE: When the dragon appears, there are words hidden in the fire and smoke of its breath (pictures #1-#3), which spell out “BEWARE THE JABBERWOCKY, BEWARE”.  In the 4th picture, “BEWARE” is spelled out in the tea tidal wave..  This is in reference to the game’s obvious Alice in Wonderland storyline.  {Scott Stilphen}

· A prototype LD exists with Nintendo credited in the attract mode.  No one knows exactly why this is, but it’s possible Bluth was in talks with Nintendo for them to market it.  This version is missing some reversed screen flips, and has a shorter ending in which Daphne doesn’t become the Banshee (this can be seen as a sketch test on Digital Leisure’s DVD).  This ending was designed as a reward to players for collecting all the treasures.  The final version instead made it a requirement to find them all in order to reach the 7th level.

· A Spanish version of the game also exists.

· BUG: The Garden of Eden scene will sometimes be shown in reverse, but a reverse shot of Beethoven's sheet music was never done/included, making the text unreadable.



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