Arcade games 


· 2 versions exist!  The Japanese version is titled Donkey Kong Jr. (picture #1) and allows up to 12 characters on the high score table (picture #2); the U.S. version is called Donkey Kong Junior (picture #3) and only allows up to 3 characters on the high score table (picture #4). 

· Slow down trick - On the 1st screen go to the 2 upper right vines.  With a hand on each, keep pushing UP and the “action” will slow down.

· Infinite lives - In a 2-player game, player 2 must do this trick every turn to give both players an extra life.  On the 1st screen, player 2 goes to the edge of the platform (where you start), as far as possible without falling.  Wait until a blue Snapjaw comes down the vine, and jump at him, hitting him the same time he hits the water.

· BUG: As with Donkey Kong, there is a kill screen with this game as well.


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