Arcade games 


HIDDEN MESSAGE: Put the game into the test/service mode, press (and hold) the player-1 FIRE button, and move the joystick UP 6x, RIGHT 3x, DOWN 4x, and LEFT 8x. A copyright message will appear (see picture). {Mike Haaland and James Rowan}

2 versions exist. Rev 2 fixes the kill screen bug described below.

BUG: Lock up glitch - Kill all the monsters except 1.  Stop him 2 spaces under a rock and hold him there.  Dig up to the rock (making it ready to fall), go back down to monster, turn away (left or right), then quickly turn back and kill him just before the rock hits.  The only way to advance to the next screen is to either get the fruit, or get killed under a rock.  {Michael LoMarro}

BUG: Kill screen - On level 256, a Pooka appears right on top of your character, immediately killing you.  If you have more than one life in reserve, this will repeatedly happen, until the game ends.


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