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· Free game: Look for the slot machine above the road on the Beginner track.  As you go by it, you can stop the wheels of the slot machine by pressing START.  Each time you push the button, you’ll stop one of the wheels.  If you can hit the jackpot, you’ll earn free credits.

· Hidden games: At the high score table, enter OR to play OUTRUN, SH (SPACE HARRIER), or HO (SUPER HANG-ON).

· Reverse tracks: All courses can be run in reverse. If you score high enough in this mode to earn a place the ranking table, your name will appear with the letter "R" next to it.

· Time attack mode: At the Transmission Selection screen, hold the start button and press the accelerator. In Time Attack Mode, only the cars controlled by players are shown in action. If you score high enough to rank in this mode, the letters "T.A." are shown next to your record in the ranking table.

· Hidden music: If you play well enough to make the high score table. You can enter special initials at the Name Entry Screen to hear music of some of SEGA's classic games. Enter "H.O." to hear music from Hang On. Enter "V.R." to hear music from Virtua Racing. Check the Saturn tips section for the complete listing of initials that play special songs in the Saturn version of Daytona USA; many if not all of these will work in the arcade game.

· Special Ending: To view a special ending scene, you must finish in third place or better in every course. On a "Twin type" machine, this scene can only be viewed if just one player is racing.

· Background music: Change the background buttons while the game starts to access different music tracks.

· Secret view: To get an overall view of the race condition during the game, hold the start button and simultaneously press view change buttons 2, 3, AND 4.

· A slot machine hangs over the Beginner Course. When driving near it, press the start button three times to stop the slots from turning. If you score all "7"s, you will earn seven extra seconds of game time. If you score three ‘bars’, you’ll earn 5 extra seconds of time. This only works once per game and does not work on "TWIN" machines.

· If you drive into the elevated path just before the pit road, a billboard will appear that reads "You Just Lost Your Sponsors".

· If you stop on the last corner, the seagulls will get closer to your car. If you drive the in the reverse mode on the second lap, the statue of Jeffrey will be standing on its hands. If you stop completely near the statue you can make it spin by repeatedly pressing the start button. When the game starts, press the start button repeatedly. To make the seagulls become larger up to four times larger.

· Special Twin Type options: The "Twin Type" DAYTONA USA machines have two secret modes which can only be activated by the arcade owner or technician through the game test menus. Ask your arcade operator to activate the "Grand Prix" or "Endurance" modes to make the races longer! In Grand Prix mode, the Beginner course is 20 laps, intermediate is 10 laps and expert is 5 laps. In Endurance mode, the Beginner course is 80 laps, Intermediate is 40 laps, and Expert is 20 laps.

· No handicap mode: The game keeps races close by increasing the top speed of any car that is not in first place, which gives all players a chance to catch up. To disable this option (On "Twin Type" games only), press all four view change buttons at the course selection screen. A small white point will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. In multi-player races, No Handicap Mode will only be activated if more than half of the players enter this code. If the machine is configured for Grand Prix mode or Endurance mode as described above, entering the No Handicap Mode will have added effect of wearing away your tires during game. The amount of tire wear depends on your mileage and speed.

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