Arcade games 


If you double-tap the accelerator after a game and the scores roll, during the option to enter more credits, you will add credits.

A free Game can be earned every 10000 miles if you have a personalized record.

Car selection cheat: by pressing the view buttons you can select between the available 6 cars add an additional 12 cars (low view), the color of the car (chase view), and the person in the car (high view). If you cycle through this once you will see all the characters, on the second cycle their heads will be oversized (Clown, Baby, Blonde Lady, Guy with crew cut, etc., but not in that order).

Holding View 2 down during track selection reveals two hidden tracks.

Shortcuts can be found on each track.

BUG: This works with 2 or more linked machines. Have player 1 coin up the 1st machine.  When they reach the car selection screen, have player 2 coin up the 2nd  machine. Be sure player 2 chooses a different track.  When both games end, coin up the games again, and this time have both players choose Alaska. They should be playing head-to-head now. When player 2 gets to the part with the bears and such a weird game coding screen comes up with text and afterwards a screen with green and gray boxes comes up. After a while the game resets and starts over again. Player 1ís game is not affected.

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