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· The original name was Agent X.  A few prototype marquees (picture #1) and pcbs exist with that name, as well as an early version of the game (picture #2).

· Level skips: According to programmer Rusty Dawe, there are around 7-12 transporter boxes hidden throughout the game, which are buried" in the walls on those levels that are "cave like" and have areas of dirt/rock. You can shoot into these walls to dig through them. Note that there’s a different set of buried transporters for going back up than those used for going down.  Some are on levels 5, 6, and 7 (the one on 7 allows you to skip all the way to the last 4 levels).  Going up, there are warps on levels 30 and 22.

· Level 20 skip: On level 1 there is a hidden box buried in the upper-left corner.  If you go up and shoot up through the wall you will expose this box.  Stand on it and press the button.  This will put you in the elevator at level 16.  Then just pull down on both joysticks to express elevator to level 20.  And I think there is a similar box (in a different location) on level 22.  If you can find the other ones, you can get down to level 32, which is the bottom level.  {Glenn Bruner}

· Once you go down all 31 levels (the last level is Dr. Boom's HQ) and grab the secret files (and kill Boom if you want), you need to go back up all 31 levels to the surface.  If you beat the game it shows you come out of the mountain and then it shows you a really brief glimpse of the plans. 

· RUMOR: There may be a setting that allows you to earn a free game, or you may have to finish the game.


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