Arcade games 


Lion stage: at the very start, push left while jumping 3 times. After the first hoop, you値l see an extra Charlie hanging by a hook (picture #1)!  Grab him for an extra life.   {Christopher Burnell}

Lion stage: you can also get an extra life if you jump backwards through a hoop.  You can only use one extra life trick on each stage (not both).

Lion stage: if you get all the money bags w/o losing a life, at the end of the stage a bird will fly over carrying a money bag, and dump coins on you, worth 1,840 points.

Lion stage: if you jump over a flame pot w/o going through a hoop, you値l get 500 points.  If you repeat this with the 2nd-to-last pot, you can easily earn over 5,000 points!

Lion stage: if you jump backwards over one of the flame pots, a coin will pop up out of it and you値l get 800 points (picture #2).  If you grab the coin before it falls back into the pot, you値l get 3,000 points!  This will only work once per stage.  {Scott Stilphen}

Tight rope stage: if you jump over a purple monkey while flipping backwards, you値l get 5,000 points!

Tight rope stage: at the end, jump on the lower platform and walk over to the right side.  Charlie will pull on a chain and the top platform will be filled with bags of money worth 5,000 points (pictures #3 and #4)!

Each stage can only be played 5 times, until all 6 stages have been played 5 times each.

The score counter will stop at 999,990.

BUG: Between 920k-980k you値l receive a free life for every 1,000 points!


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