Arcade games 


Hidden character - A grasshopper enemy was originally in the game, (picture #1) but taken out at the last minute. You can still see it by putting the game in test mode and cycling though all the different sprite graphics (picture #2).

Both Centipede and Millipede actually simulate a joystick. Centipede was originally designed for use with a joystick; Trak-Ball support was added later. The input did not change - it still just checks to see if you are moving left/right/up/down. It totally feels like trackball control, but itís not. It adds acceleration to the player in software.  {Mike Mika}

On levels having complete Centipedes, fleas will never appear.

To trap the centipede, allow the centipede to come near the bottom of the screen. When it is close to the left or right side, shoot the centipede once, causing a mushroom to appear and the centipede to come back under and near the mushroom. Now, shoot and make another mushroom. Repeat this process until you have a row of mushrooms almost vertically lined up near the bottom of the screen. Then, by either dying or just allowing the centipede to work his way back up, the centipede will be trapped between the edge of the screen and the mushrooms allowing you to shoot everything else.

Cabaret (mini) cabinets and cocktail units were released with 19-inch monitors and there were also a limited number cocktails built with only 13-inch monitors.

Several different versions of the side art were made; with either yellow, pink, blue, or purple outlines.


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