Atari 7800 Pro System


EASTER EGG: Hold down PAUSE+RESET+SELECT when the copyright info screen starts.  The flashing message “PROGRAMMED BY DWAIN SKINNER” will appear as an extra line. {David Britten}

· Secret areas: Throwing grenades at specific areas will blast open a hole that leads to a hidden area where you’ll find 4 prisoners.  Each GI you rescue is worth 2,000 points! There’s believed to be 8 hidden bonus areas to find, across the 8 different levels.  So far only 5 have been found (courtesy of

(Duty 1, Area 1) Hit the left side of the 1st bridge (picture #1); hidden area has 5 soldiers and 1 boulder (picture #2).

(Duty 1, Area 2) Hit the right side of the 1st bridge after fox holes (picture #3); hidden area has 2 soldiers, spiders, and bats.

(Duty 1, Area 3) Hit the front corner of the first hut on the right, after the knife (picture #4); hidden area has an arrow booby trap on the left side.

(Duty 2, Area 1) Hit the right mesa after the center pond (picture #5); hidden area has 4 soldiers and snakes.

(Duty 2, Area 1) Hit the left side of the 1st bridge (picture #6); hidden area has2 soldiers, spiders, and bats.

· If you get killed while killing the last guy at the end of a section, you’ll advance w/o losing a life.

· All the in-game text can be found with a hex editor.


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