Atari 5200 Super System


EASTER EGG: After completing level 32 thereís supposedly a message that tells you to send a picture to the master of the arena, and it lists Atariís address.

2 prototype versions exist.  The earlier version, dated 6-4-83 (picture #1), is missing the fire extinguishers, the well that the Xariís emerge from (all the Xari's appear in the center of the screen at once), and intermissions. You can also change the shape of your paddle (making it concave or convex) and can only reflect the shots (not collect them), along with a few other differences with a later version, dated 8-30-83 (picture #2).

BUG: In the later version, sometimes a Xari will get trapped in the well and will become invincible, and since you canít shoot a Xari inside the well, you canít finish the level.


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