Atari 5200 Super System

5200 Super System

· 2 different models were released – 4-player (the original) and  2-player models - which created some compatibility issues.  The reason is both the hardware and the OS were slightly changed for the later 2-port model (though some of the first-produced 2-ports have the 4-port OS).  As a result, K-Razy Shootout, Mountain King, and Pitfall won't work with most 2-ports (those having the later OS version).  Changing this chip with one from a 4-port model will fix the problem.  FYI- patched versions of these 3 games that will run with the later OS have been made.  I believe Sean Kelly has copies of them.  Also, most 4-ports (except the last ones produced) won't work with the VCS Adapter unless they have the same hardware modification done as the 2-ports.  If you have a 4-port with a serial # that starts with an "*", then most likely it will work with the VCS Adapter (though some models without the * have also been found to be compatible, so this rule isn't 100%).  The only other issue with the 2-port is that you can't take advantage of the 3 games (Asteroids, Super Breakout, and RS Tennis) that allow up to 3 and 4 players.  There's also the integrated power/RF cords setup with the 4-port that was eliminated with the 2-port (4-ports can be converted to the 2-port setup).  For more info on this issue, see:

· The 5200 is basically the same as the 400 computer system, with some minor hardware changes.

· A PAL system was never released, although some PAL game prototypes have been found.

· The system was referred to as “Video System X” in early flyers, along with 4 titles: Adventure, Football, Skiing, and Tank Battle.  It’s in-house name was “PAM”, which stood for Personal Arcade Machine (and not for a female employee’s name, as was usually the case with Atari’s in-house names).

· BUG: The system doesn’t clear the RAM when you first turn it on.

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