Atari 5200 Super System


EASTER EGG: According to programmer Landon Dyer, an Easter egg is known to exist in the final version , as well as the 3-15-84 prototype. To trigger it, reset the game after completing a stage (while the screen is flashing yellow) and the message "4 A GOOD TIME JSR 91BD" will scroll across the bottom of the screen.  "JSR" is a programming instruction that means Jump to SubRoutine, and is the computer assembly language equivalent of "CALL". The meaning o f "91BD" is currently unknown. For more information about this, check out Don's site:  {Don Hodges}

ē 3 prototype versions exist. The earliest, dated 1-26-84, has a bug that may cause some doors to remain locked (key doesnít work). A later version, dated 3-15-84, corrects the key/door bug, but doesnít have scrolling text on the title screen (picture #1) or the Easter egg that the latest version has (picture #2). Also, the bonus starís appearance is based on a timer in the earlier versions; in the latest version itís based on how much of the playfield you clear, as it is with the arcade version.

ē The program will automatically detect what system itís running on (400/800 or 5200) and configure itself for that system.


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