Atari 5200 Super System


· A prototype version exists, dated 10-12-83, that says "(c) Atari 1983" on the title screen (picture #1), instead of "(c) Taito of America Corporation 1981" (picture #2), along with a few other minor differences.

· BUG: Level 7 – The starting room should have 1 door leading out.  Leave the starting room and immediately get killed.  You should return to the starting room, and the doorway will be flashing- eventually turning into a solid wall and trapping you!  Also, the Collect Bonus room has no doors.  {Jim Buszkiewicz}

· BUG: Level 7 – The “collect bonus” room has no exit doors!  As such, you can’t go any farther in the game.  {Jim Buszkiewicz}



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