Atari 5200 Super System
RealSports TENNIS

· A prototype exists, dated 11-19-82, that shows the name as The Atari Open on the title screen.  It also doesn’t have the secret 4-player mode described below.  It was also believed to have been called Vic Braden’s Tennis at some point during its development.

· Secret 4-player mode!  At the first game screen, press 0 on the keypad to put the game in doubles mode, and then press 4 for “Sean Special” mode (for programmer Sean W. Hennessy – picture #1).  {John Hardie}

· This is the same as Atari Tennis for the 400/800, except Atari Tennis has a title/trophy screen (picture #2), and a copyright date of 1983 (instead of 1982), but it lacks the 5200 version’s hidden 4-player mode (although the text for the message is still in the code).

· The “RealSports” moniker was added to the packaging after the game was completed, which is why it’s not mentioned anywhere onscreen. 


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