Atari 5200 Super System


· EASTER EGG: In a practice game with regulation time, in the 4th quarter with the score 112 to 3, score a touchdown with no time left.  Instead of flashing “Game Over”, the scoreboard will show “Designed by the Warlord”.  {Warren Dalton}  According to programmer Jim Huether, the exact method of revealing the message is to throw a backwards pass while winning by over 100 points.  As to the meaning of the message, the artist who did the Warlords artwork for the VCS packaging used Jim’s likeness!

· The “RealSports” moniker was added after the game was completed, which is why it’s not mentioned anywhere onscreen.  This was one of the 4 original titles first mentioned for the system, and it was actually released as both “Football” and “RealSports Football”!

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