Atari 5200 Super System

· EASTER EGG: This trick only works on the later prototype versions (10-31-83 and 12-16-83).  Start the Demo and press 5 for a secret message - “...WHEN RUNNING INTO THE TROPICAL ENTROPY NIGHTLY, BY YOURSELF, PROJECT AND TRY REACHING INTO CIRCLES KILLED,  BECAUSE ALL SEEMS STRANGE…” (picture #8).  It may seem like nonsense, but actually the first letter of each word spells out "Written by Patrick Bass".  {Patrick Bass}

· This only applies to the latest ’83 prototype versions (10-31-83 and 12-16-83).  Pressing 2,3,4,6,7,8, or 9 removes the word “REALSPORTS” from the standard scrolling message - “5200 REALSPORTS BASKETBALL    COPYRIGHT 1983 ATARI” (picture #7) - which is the only time it’s referred to as such onscreen.  Pressing 1 will restore it.  This is the only sports title that mentions “RealSports” anywhere on the screen.  {Patrick Bass}

· At least 5 prototype versions exist, all of which are quite different from the 400/800 version done by Al Miller (pictures #1 and #2), but they’re all labeled as simply Basketball.  They also share the same “scoreboard”.  The earliest known version, dated 3-10-82 (pictures #3 and #4) looks like a remake of the original with better graphics, but it’s only a demo (with 2 1-minute quarters).  The next version, dated 11-5-82 (pictures #5 and #6) is a playable demo with different sounds effects.  The later 1983 prototype versions, dated 10-13-83, 10-31-83 (pictures #7 - #10), and 12-16-83 are an even better remake, with many extra features.  Also, all the messages that are displayed during a game are a bit different from the 11-5-82 version.  One of the main differences with the latest version (12-16-83) is that the message box at the bottom will turn different colors based on who’s leading and by how much.  If it’s tied or within a few points, it will be orange.  As the home side increases its lead, it will change to pink and finally purple; as the visitor side increases its lead, it will change to light green and finally green (if you score 100 points, the hundredth’s place will be ignored as far as box color, so it will look at the score as being “00”).

· The tones generated in the ’83 versions by the keypad are actual telephone dialing tones!


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