Atari 5200 Super System


· The 5200 version (picture #1) is a more faithful port than the 400/800 version (picture #2).

· Sparx loop trap – Works the same as the arcade trip, except you can’t trap the first 2 Sparx.  At the start, go to the top of the screen (you’ll have to draw a box to get around a Sparx).  Now start drawing the trap.  Draw the first one in the middle of the top so that any additional Sparx will first appear inside it.  Draw the 2nd “cap” box, starting and ending on the sides of the box you just made. Finally, draw a “cover” box around both.  The additional Sparx that are added (once the timer runs out) will end up in the trap (picture #3). 

· The score isn’t based on the percentage of area covered but rather how many pixels.

· BUG: If you trap the Qix in a 1-pixel-wide “tunnel”, it will escape; however, if you make a 90-degree turn off the open end of the tunnel and then slowly close off the end, it will become trapped in the corner (it can’t make the turn).  While in this corridor, it’s possible to trap the Qix in a 1-pixel box – the smallest box you can draw!  If you cut the Qix in half, everything will stop moving, although the game will continue to run (and the Qix and Sparx will keep flickering))!  Eventually the color-shifting routine will start, but you won’t be able to cancel it since you can’t move. This lockup also happens if you close off the corridor so that the Qix is completely in the corner.  If you close it off to within 2 pixels of the turn, the game will slow to a crawl (picture #4).  {Scott Stilphen}


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