Atari 5200 Super System

MINER 2049er

· During a game, type Big Five's Phone #, 2137826861, and then hit Option.  Start a new game. You’ll now have be able to pick which station you want to start at for the zone you chose, by pressing SHIFT-# (0-9)!  This also allows for unlimited lives by warping to the same or a different station as soon as you die – no lives are deducted!

· Kill screen: Is it possible to complete Station 10/Zone 10 without cheating? The creatures on the lower-left platform moves too fast to make it possible to clear.  If cleared by way of cheating, the screen doesn’t flash and the next level is Station 1/Zone 11.  FYI, the manual mentions there’s a total of 255 zones!

· BUG: The original version had a bug which was cleared up in early production.  On level 6, if you try to walk into by the radioactive waste tank, the wall will stop you.  But if you jump up and do a certain series of moves and then retrace your steps, part of your hat will be inside the tank wall.  If you turn right, you could make him walk through the tank wall and into the radioactive waste.  {Bill Hogue}

· BUG: The manual states that pressing RESET won’t erase the high scores but this is incorrect.

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