Atari 5200 Super System


· EASTER EGG: There is a trick to reveal programmer Ron Lloyd’s initials, “RWH". This has to be done on the Windy Vines level.  Keep the fire within the first 7 rows of the tree (which gives a 500 point Tree Bonus).  Get the fox to appear, and touch him before he disappears.  Use the vine to knock the fox away. He won't leave. Defeat Pyro. Make sure you still control the fire above 7 rows. The Final Countdown will go from 9 to 0. Control the fire - don't put it out - and right before time runs out, fly to the top cloud and press the button to spin. You will die but each level will have the secret initials on it from that point on (see picture)!  Ron also set up a page detailing this trick:


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