Atari 5200 Super System


· EASTER EGG: According to the manual, after surpassing the 10th wave, special graphics will appear (in the explosion of hitting a Galaxian).  On some waves you’ll sometimes see an Atari logo (picture #1); starting at wave 10 a Pac-Man appears (picture #2); and by wave 14(?) it’s the initials JT (for programmer Joe Tung – picture #3).  {Ken Van Mersbergen and Scott Stilphen}

· On page 4 the manual states, “Before starting your first game, initiate the Galaxian fleet by pushing the joystick all the way to the right and left”, but on the next page it states the game will start automatically once you select a skill level, which it does.

· There are 32 waves, which are counted in groups of 8.  The first 8 waves are denoted by red flags, the next 8 are multi-colored flags, the next 8 are gold, and the last 8 are blue.  The colors start over with red.

· You can kill Galaxians w/o firing – simply let them run into the “missile” on the top of your ship.

· After completing wave 16, the Galaxians move and fire twice as fast!

· BUG: The manual incorrectly refers to the aliens as the Galaxians (i.e. “Galaxian invasion”, “Galaxian fleet”, etc). In the original arcade game, the players are ‘Galaxians’ and the enemies are ‘aliens’.  See the arcade Easter egg entry for Galaxian for more info.

· BUG: Start a game and then hit SELECT to return to the “game over” screen.  You’ll still be able to play, and the on-screen text will act as a shield.  After 6-8 levels, your cannon will become invisible and the Galaxians will appear at random.

· BUG: Sometimes hitting a flagship doesn’t momentarily stop enemies from firing.




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