Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· 2 prototype versions exist.  The earlier, dated 5-23-83, has little sound and a few graphics glitches - black background shows through landscape when game is first turned on (picture #1), small yellow lines appear near the top of the screen (picture #1), and frequent screen ‘jumping’ (unstable picture).  The version dated 8-2-83 doesn’t have the yellow lines and the picture is more stable, but it has a few more sounds.

· After the 7th set of rotating mirrors, you’ll start facing prolonged attacks from the 2 aerial objects (rings and balls).  A little further into the game, you’ll face large sets of mirrors.

· If played through a Cuttle Cart (with the ‘transmit empty pages’ option off), 2 additional ground targets (buildings) will appear (picture #2)! The graphics for these and more are actually present in the 8-2-83 version, but due to the nature of being a bank-switched game, the code to trigger them doesn’t work.

· Besides the 2 buildings that can appear with the method above, there are graphics for possibly several other ground objects.  Picture #3 shows the 2 frames of animation for the one common object (in blue), the 2 new buildings (in red), and the unknown objects (in white).

· FRYING: Get your ship to appear in the upper left corner.  You’ll then have 255 extra ships.  For reference, at around your 125th ship, extra ship indicators will appear under your score, and start to disappear around the 250th. {Scott Stilphen}




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