Atari Video Computer System / 2600


In the first room, fly LEFT+UP (diagonally) against the left wall and youíll warp to the 2nd screen.  {Matthias David}

The game stops at 999,999 points.

The large island in screen 12 has a multi-colored object which appears to have no function.

BUG: The manual was apparently copied from the Colecovision version.  As a result, the descriptions (many objects donít exist, and your mission isnít to collect eggs and return them to the den).  Also, the back of the box lists 40 different screens, but thereís only 14, and several hidden objects appear in the game (candelabra, chalice, mask) that arenít mentioned in the manual.  {Ben Valdes}

BUG: Normally a screenís color denotes which type of crystal itís protecting (blue screen = water crystal), but further into the game (on screen 9) youíll find a fire crystal on a white screen.  {Ben Valdes}

BUG: In any room but the 1st, flying LEFT+UP or RIGHT+UP against either side wall causes your shot to wrap-around to the other side. {Scott Stilphen}

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