Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· You can use the “ghost” shields (of players who were killed) to do tricky curve shots.

· BUG: Suicide trick - It’s possible to actually kill yourself off without any bricks being knocked out of your castle.  If you spin the paddle quickly back and forth, you’ll see your shield briefly appear on top of your Warlord.  If you release the ball at this moment, it will kill your Warlord, and then reappear outside the castle, leaving every brick intact (only possible with yellow castle?)!  This is also how you can knock out bricks in the middle of your castle walls (see picture).  The problem occurs when you are all the way to the left and you're trying to move all the way to the right to attack the opposite player. During the Vertical Blank, the program converts the paddle reading to x-y sprite coordinates as well as setting the X sprite position of the top players and calculating the X positioning values for the bottom players. However, the sequence isn't in the correct order. It's usually not a problem, unless you're holding a fireball. The program does the following:

1) Positions the X position of the top players.
2) Pre-calculates the X position of the bottom players.
3) Converts all paddle readings to X-Y values.
4) Starts drawing the visible portion of the screen, where the Y values are used.

The paddle readings are converted before the Y value is used, but after the X value is used. By doing this the X value of a paddle reading displayed with the Y value of the next paddle reading and your shield can end up within the wall, or worse, by the king. This problem affects all players. The fix is to move step 3 to step 1, and move step 1 and 2 down to steps 2 and 3.  {Darrell Spice Jr.}

· FRYING: Occasionally the upper right shield may be missing at power up.

· RUMOR: On any 3-player games, it will occasionally not give the ball back to continue after a point is scored.  {Harry Dodgson}  If you get it right, you can literally "catch" the ball by jamming it between your shield and the edge of the screen.  You'll hear a dull *thump* when this happens.  Moving will release it.  {Galen Tatsuo Komatsu}


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