Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Holding LEFT+RIGHT allows you to move diagonally up and left, through walls. Holding UP+DOWN moves you down through them. When outside the room walls, if you go to the right side of the screen, Winky will partially wrap-around (picture #3).  {Tony Roy}

· Every time you exit a room, the Hall monsters will be back in their original starting positions on the screen.

· The Hall monster that attacks you (if you’re in a room too long) is actually on the screen the whole time, and only becomes visible when it attacks.  Do the trick (mentioned above) and go to the upper-left corner of a room screen – you’ll touch the invisible Hall monster and be killed!  {Tony Roy}

· BUG: On the 2nd screen, a Hall monster on the left side can slightly wrap-around to the right side (picture #4).

· BUG: The collision detection isn’t very precise.  Sometimes the monster has to overlay your character a bit to be lethal; other times you can be killed w/o the monster actually touching you.  With Hall monsters, occasionally you can pass right through one w/o being killed.

· BUG: On rare occurrences, if you shoot a monster at the same time a Hall monster appears, the monster will be killed but the “corpse” will continue moving around!

· BUG: If you hold the FIRE button down when entering a room, sometimes your arrow will briefly be somewhere else in the room (depending on what door).


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