Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· HIDDEN MESSAGEJOHN DUNN” can be found at the end of the compiled code listing (only in the later game version). {Scott Stilphen}

· 2 versions exist! The differences between them are explained in the following two tricks:

(1) If you have the original version, then this trick will work: hold the FIRE button down and tap the joystick (any direction).  When 2 seconds have elapsed, release the button.  You’re now free to capture the criminals (picture #1) since the bridge won’t blow up (a set of extra pieces can be found in the blue section of the subway (picture #2).  You can either ignore them, or even put them together on top of the existing bridge!).  {Garrett Fasaro}

(2) Start the game and press (and hold) FIRE when you are above the phone booth, then press SELECT and release the fire button. Wait for the screen to cycle 2 scenes over (to a subway entrance) and move towards the subway.  The game will continue at that scene but you won’t be able to fly up (note: this only lasts a few seconds with the original version). If you go to the bridge scene all the criminals will escape but the bridge will not blow up (for version 2, you’ll also regain full power of flight.  Remember to approach the bridge scene from the right side otherwise you’ll touch the phone booth and then the game will play normally).

· Ultra-fast solution: It’s possible to finish the game w/o any (or very little) time expired (picture #3)!  Here’s how: change into Clark Kent, then move to center of screen.  Press SELECT, wait for the Daily Planet to appear, then move towards the door. {John Palumbo}

· If you start the game but remain on the phone booth screen and then leave it idle, the time will stop when it goes into attract mode (it will take exactly 415 clicks on the timer).  Once you enter the bridge screen, the attract mode becomes inactive and the clock will continue to run no matter how long the game is left idle.

· At the start, the criminals are breaking OUT of the jail (when the bridge blows), so go to that area immediately. The bridge pieces are always found on the same screens.

· If you enter the Daily Planet (at the end of the game) while Lois is nearby, she’ll follow you inside - actually, overlapping you (picture #4). {Mark Androvich}

· If you put Lois Lane in the Daily Planet and stand just below her, she'll sometimes kick you in the head.

· Pressing SELECT during a game (when you’re not moving) will darken the screen.   {Tony Roy}

· BUG: The timer doesn’t always start at the same time for each game.

· BUG: Due to the system’s hardware limitations, if more than 2 objects (besides yourself) are on the same screen, you’ll have trouble picking up bridge pieces or people.  Also, you’ll usually pass through a piece of kryptonite unharmed.

· FRYING: Sometimes you’ll get a screen with all the criminals, the helicopter, and Lois Lane (before the bridge blows up).


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