Atari Video Computer System / 2600


1st (and only?) VCS game to use registers (in SWCHB) as general RAM storage, giving you 3 more bits of RAM. If you set these to output, you can read back whatever you write to SWCHB. With Star Ship, it seems that the state of "gameOffBool" is stored in bit D4 of SWCHB. I suppose it's used to check if the game is off at the same time as the RESET or SELECT switches are checked.  Detailed information can be found at:  {Eckhard Stolberg}

FRYING: May create a game where the background is orange and your crosshairs are black, the stars and score counter are missing, and you use the left controller to play. If you move up and to the left, youíll find all the enemy objects together.  They canít be hit, but when they are within range, the score counter will appear.

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