Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· If you roll the score (at 10k), a steer head will appear at the bottom (picture #1).  If it’s rolled again, a number “2” appear in place of it (picture #2), up to #7.  If the score is rolled 7 times, the area will be blank (as it is when you start a game). Subsequent rolls will repeat the entire sequence again. {Jeff Adkins and David Yancey}

· A herd or cycle of dogies is: singles, close doubles, medium doubles, close triples, far doubles, medium triples, and then a long gap.  {David Yancey}

· When you herd a row of cattle forward and rope them while they’re running forward, the next group of cattle takes much longer to appear (about double the normal length of time).  {David Yancey}

· On game 1 the Angus and the skull will alternate in appearance.  {David Yancey}

· BUG: The game becomes impossible by the 8th herd; the Jerseys and Guernseys become so stubborn that you can no longer herd them forward at all (they appear to get ‘stuck’ to your horse) and the herefords (the darkest-colored cattle) will only herd up to the front of your horse.  {David Yancey} 

· FRYING: Creates a slow version (fry until your horse is moving slowly). The game will eventually return to normal speed after a few minutes. {Scott Stilphen}


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