Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· 3 different PAL versions exist.  The 1st version (picture #1) is a matte-label style and runs slower than the NTSC version (like most PAL conversions do).  The 2nd version (picture #2) corrects the speed problem but introduces a glitch that affects the controls of 2-player games #81-#96 (the shots alternate between the players, but the movement doesn’t; only the right player moves the cannon). Also the colors are darker (and still incorrect).  The 3rd version (picture #3) corrects all these problems.

· The SECAM version displays the first and last digits in both players’ score counters in different colors (picture #4).

· BUG: Holding RESET down while turning the system on gives your ship double-fire (picture #5).  {Paul Geisler}

· FRYING: Fry the game until the UFO flies by.  Start the game, and you'll have double shots.  {Jens von der Heide}



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