Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· BUG: It seems the score can only roll on the bonus stage, and not during the planet stage. After reaching 9,500 points, during the next bonus stage (after the time expired), instead of returning back to the planet, the bonus stage will keep cycling continuously – allowing you to shoot as many ships as you can – until the score counter rolls. But after the score rolls, the game will go back to the planet stage (and you won’t get a bonus stage at 500 points).  The current theory behind this is, for example, if it takes you 6 repeated bonus stages to clear 10K, then you have to make up 3,000 points up afterward, before getting the bonus stage again. If you roll the score on the first bonus stage, you’ll get a second bonus stage for clearing 10K, at which point you’ll get a 3rd bonus stage after scoring another 500 points.  {Douglas Korekach}

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