Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· There is a special “celebration” screen for finishing the game.  A planet surface is shown, with some Space Cadets waving at you while the sky flashes colors (see picture).

· You can only have up to 4 ships in reserve; any ships earned beyond that won’t be counted.

· BUG: Extra life trick – When you rescue the last Space Cadet on a Zylon planet, keep toggling the menu screen until you see your extra ship appear, but before the planet explodes. At that point, warp to another sector. The planet will still be there, and if you go back, it will be as if you were never there, so it’s possible to repeat the trick until you have the maximum 4 ships in reserve!

· BUG: Wormhole trick - You can skip over a wormhole without entering it.  To do this trick, enter a sector with enemy ships, but as soon as you’re done warping to it, go to the menu and move to the wormhole.  Defeat all the enemies in the sector and go to the menu. You’ll now be able to move past the wormhole!  This trick can be exploited to bypass several sectors, making it possible to get to the end much faster than would normally take. 

· BUG: It’s possible to fly right through your docking bay if you’re flying too fast.  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: There are occasional collision-detection problems in the corridors.  You can get/touch the key and still crash into the Ion door, or you can miss it completely and pass through the door unharmed.  {Scott Stilphen}

· FRYING: Getting a game with unlimited lives is possible, but it is an extremely rare occurrence! {Anthony Giorgio}


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