Atari Video Computer System / 2600


EASTER EGG: All 3 versions have an Easter egg.  They are all uncovered the same way, but the egg for each is different.

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: “J. Grand” can be found at the end of the compiled code listing.

· HIDDEN MESSAGEIn the CGE version, “SCSIside v1.3 CGE 2K1 Special Release, July 29, 2001, Copyright J. Grand” can be found at the beginning of the code, and the message “Running a race hasn’t changed much in a thousand years. It is still a supreme test of the individual. When the starter’s pistol cracks, runners are alone, dependent on themselves. The greater their physical and mental conditioning, the greater the runners. The immortals of the track become chariots of fire, driven by a burning desire to win.” at the end.  {Scott Stilphen}


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