Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Secret pause mode: If you press SELECT during a game, the screen will go blank.  Move the joystick in any direction to resume. Note: if a sound is being played when you pause the game, it will continue to play! {Joshua Roman}

· BUG: On your last ship, destroy the Death Star and get killed just before a new ship is earned (within 200 points).  You’ll earn the free ship, but the game will still end – even though the extra ship icon will appear on-screen (see picture)! {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: When warping through the shield, moving the joystick in any direction will cause some random notes to be played just before the Death Star appears.  {Ronnie Dingman}

· FRYING: Game may start with Death Star already blowing up! The screen will be flashing blue (like the warp sequence) and there will be only one ship in reserve.  There won’t be any pieces to the station, but if you can hold out until it explodes you’ll get over 5,000 points.  You can also do this trick with the first screen showing.  The shield will be gray and you’ll hear an explosion.  Your ship will be stuck in the left/right borders of the screen.  Other tricks can be achieved, but these are more rare (A Death Star 30% complete, or the Death Star’s ray will be constantly firing). {Scott Stilphen}


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