Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Walking - Hold either UP or DOWN and quickly press either LEFT, RIGHT, or MIDDLE - Oscar will walk with a limp!  Keep either the LEFT or RIGHT button down and quickly press the MIDDLE button  - Oscar will “moonwalk”.  {Dominick and Joshua Roman}

· The score counter rolls at 99.

· BUG: By jumping over the start/finish line at the top of the screen, Oscar can “escape” into the city!  Keep pushing UP and he’ll reappear at the bottom.  Touching the other trash cans (after jumping over the line) causes Oscar to “go nuts”!  There are 8 other hidden lines to jump over for points.  {Dominick and Joshua Roman}

· BUG: The Z26 emulator shows a glitch with the dump truck.  When it’s entering or leaving the screen, the top part of the truck disappears (picture #2).

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