Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Harmless Furies: Normally you can pause the game during a round (by flipping the TV Type switch, which causes the Furies to stop firing.  Pressing FIRE resumes play.), but if you flip the switch between rounds (as your score is being tallied), the Furies won’t fire at you when the next round starts!  Note- this has to be done after every round or they will resume firing.  {Kyle Ives}

· The score rolls over at 1 million.

· BUG: Around every 3.3 million, the Furies will behave differently. They slow down and seem to stay in a straight line, and slow down. The next board is slightly similar.  Eventually the game returns to normal speed.  {Douglas Korekach}

· BUG: The Furies won’t throw stones on specific levels far into the game.  {Douglas Korekach)

· BUG: The scoring rate will reset back to the beginning on specific levels far into the game.  {Douglas Korekach)

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