Atari Video Computer System / 2600


• 2 Easter eggs are hidden in the game – “Dancing Dragon” (end credits) and “No Man’s Land”. On the back of the manual is says, "The Dragon's Challenge - Have you uncovered No Man's Land? A hidden battlefield and home to Scarlet the dragon... Challenge and discovery await in Scarlet's secret lair!”. Dancing Dragon / credits – to watch Scarlet get down and dance to Druid Chip while the credits scroll, press both LEFT paddle fire buttons. Use paddle 1 to move Scarlet and press SELECT to return to the main menu. No Man's Land – to remove the castle walls, press both RIGHT paddle fire buttons. The SpiceWare Logo will be highlighted red to show that you unlocked No Mans Land (see picture). Hit both buttons again to turn it off. If you only have one set of paddles you can temporarily swap ports to trigger NML.



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