Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· 2-player tricks:  (1) If one player (after getting killed) remains on the temporary platform, the other player can move him either left or right by jumping underneath him. If you move him to the same spot that you would appear (and then die), he’ll be moved over when you reappear.  If he’s moved over far enough, he can even grab coins (picture #1).  If he’s moved into the screen edge, you won’t be able to move him out.  {Scott Stilphen}  (2) It’s harder to push a (stationary) player that is facing you, rather than one facing away.  {Tony Roy}  Normally you can’t push another player (that’s facing you) around the edge of the screen, unless that player holds their FIRE button down.  This causes you to pass right through them.  With pushing players (facing away) to wrap-around – if Mario keeps running RIGHT, Luigi may eventually wrap-around after a few passes.  If Luigi tries, Mario will wrap-around but stay “stuck” to the pipe if Luigi keeps constantly running LEFT.

· BUG: At some platform edges, you can position yourself (by jumping) so that you are actually standing in mid-air (picture #2)!

· BUG: There is an area near the left side of the screen that will skew the graphics of objects passing through it (such as coins).  If you stand in front of either the upper or lower left pipes, either character will develop some minor graphics changes (on his chest and head), and sometimes bits of him will start flashing, depending on what other objects are on the screen (pictures #1 and #3).   {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: The turtles and crabs don’t enter the lower pipes at exactly the edge of the pipe.  When they reach the left one, they enter 1 pixel to the left of it, and with the right one it’s one pixel to the right of it (picture #3).  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: If you jump and hold the FIRE button down, your character will hover just above the platform instead of landing (picture #4).  {Ronnie Dingman}

· FRYING: Creates a “secret coin screen”! {Scott Stilphen}



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