Atari Video Computer System / 2600


You receive an extra thief every 20,000 points.  This is not mentioned in the manual.

The lower treasure appears randomly and the maximum number of points you can get for it is 4,000 (same as the upper treasure), even though the manual hints it went higher.

BUG: The manual states you can only trap a cop once per screen (which is worth 2,000 points), but if you trap one, die on the same board, and trap another one, you get another 2,000 points.

BUG: The manual states treasures appear randomly but this is only true of the lower treasure.  The upper treasure appears when you collect a specific number of bars.  The 1st appears after you collect 16; the 2nd after 34, the 3rd after 30, and the 4th after 20.

BUG: In a two-player game, the game wont keep track of what bars are collected when a player dies, so it effectively resets that level. {BSR}


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